Alumni Network

One of the core strengths of the SDD programme is the possibility to create a cross-generational network, allowing members from older generations to help the new students joining the SDD community. To do so we developed this website, where people can share their experiences, thesis topics and current working positions. As this website grows, so does our community and its ability to become more than a simple study programme.

“He/She must be hospitable and employ an excellent cook. He/She must be a man/woman of taste and erudition and cultivate the society of writers, artists and scientists. He/She must be a naturally patient man/woman, willing to spin out negotiations and to emulate the exquisite art of procrastination as perfected in the Vatican. He/She must be imperturbable, able to receive bad news without manifesting displeasure, or to hear himself maligned and misquoted without the slightest twinge of irritation. His/her private life must be so ascetic as to give his/her enemies no opportunity to spread scandal. He/She must be tolerant of the ignorance and foolishness of his home government and know how to temper the vehemence of the instructions he/she receives. Finally, he/she should remember that overt diplomatic triumphs leave feelings of humiliation behind them and a desire for revenge: no good negotiator should ever threaten, bully or chide.”
– A good ambassador, Nicholson 1988

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